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Oscars 2017: Viola Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress for Fences

Viola Davis‘ historic bid for her first Academy Award came to a close Sunday night, capping off with the actress winning a gilded statuette amid a monumental year for diversity in the awards race. After thanking the Academy, Davis delivered an emotionally charged speech. “There’s one place that all the people with the greatest potential are gathered.
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Tyra Banks, Rita Ora, ANTM cycle 23 winner reflect on the show's legacy

Banks, however, swiftly exited the set before Ora and company anointed 20-year-old Gants as the winner. “I leave it to you four,” she said as Ora, Graham, Paper magazine’s Drew Elliott, and stylist Law Roach begged her to stay. “Peace out. Good luck.”. Recalling Banks’ former glory at the head of the panel, the moment injected a new-and-improved cycle with a nostalgic rush, but also served as a fitting metaphor for the 43-year-old’s involvement in shaping ANTM’s ever-evolving identity.
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Equity: EW review

If no one’s listening, you must build a platform and shout, and the women behind Equity have done just that. Whether intentional or happenstance, Equity feels hyper-aware of the way it handles its cast of female characters who would be, in the hands of a major studio, played by men. On the surface, it’s about a no-nonsense investment banker, Naomi (Anna Gunn), passed over by her boss for a promotion at her Wall Street firm following the messy mishandling of a high-profile account.
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M. Night Shyamalan's Split Stuns With a $40.2 Million Opening Weekend

Night Shyamalan is in the midst of a massive big-screen resurgence. At 3,038 theaters, Split premieres to a solid B+ grade on CinemaScore and an astounding $40.2 million in ticket sales — more than the debut grosses of The Sixth Sense ($26.7 million) and Unbreakable ($30.3 million). The film opened Friday in 20 international markets, which stacked an additional $5.8 million on top of the film’s North American earnings for a global tally of $46 million with a further 44 territories on deck in the coming months.

Preview: At PLAY Parlour, artist turns junk into fresh take on classic arcade games in Lawrenceville

"I'm, uh, 38? And if I'm not 38 now, I will be in a couple months," says sculptor Adam Shreckhise, creator of the new PLAY Parlour game room and lounge. Shreckhise can't accurately tell you how old he is, but if his latest interactive installation art project is any indication, he's a young soul trapped in a grown-up's body.
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Natalie Portman says Lena Dunham helped her overcome a fear of Hollywood sexism

In directing A Tale of Love and Darkness, it’s clear Natalie Portman isn’t afraid of broaching sensitive topics. The threat of ruffling a few feathers never deterred Portman across the film’s eight-year gestation process, though one thing nearly prevented her from taking a seat in the director’s chair at all: the fear of sexism in Hollywood.
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Berlinale: Everyone Owes Meryl Streep an Apology

The art of being mindful, careful, and diligent; we must remember these things when writing and reporting, but most of all when we’re consuming. The mob mentality of the Internet has made such things increasingly difficult, especially at a time when important conversations about issues of racial and gender equality are on the table each and every morning.
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Oscars make history with most black winners ever

Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis just capped a landmark year for diversity in the awards race. As if the win weren’t special enough for Ali, who also welcomed his first child this week, he is now in a distinguished class of award winners alongside his role model, Washington, who he says is “on par with the very best.”.
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Young users are logging onto new online dating sites

Strokes of a keyboard in place of that extra shot to loosen you up. Scouring pages of cyber text and pictures vs. checking out the guy or gal standing next to you. Sitting in a comfy chair at your computer instead of atop a raggedy barstool at the local dive. This is what the Friday night dating scene has become for many people around the country, including the college and twenty-something crowd.
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But, that’s another argument for another article (trust me, I’m writing it), so the conversation must shift so we can make a difference in a very real, tangible way that actually matters. We must ask ourselves if our current course of action is worth it. Is taking to the internet to lob serious (partially unfounded) accusations of racism at The Academy the right way to approach a complex issue that stems from far beyond the superficial frontline of a group that hands out movie awards?
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Tina Mabry Is Making Her Way

Gradually, filmmaker Tina Mabry is changing the film industry. It took an astonishing six years to find a proper distributor for the film, though it premiered to warm reviews from critics and audiences at the 2009 Slamdance Film Festival. “We were told that you couldn’t have two African American dramas on the market at the same time, because the market couldn’t bear it.

Cameron Diaz: The Longevity Book embraces aging

A black-and-white photo on the first page of Cameron Diaz’s The Longevity Book, out now, shows the 43-year old entertainer holding a framed picture of herself taken 15 years ago. The 28-year old woman inside the frame is holding another portrait of the actress’ 22-year old self, who is also holding a snapshot of a 16-year old girl who hadn’t yet starred in films like Charlie’s Angels and The Mask, but had already begun the natural cycle we all go through: aging.
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Joey Nolfi

Joey Nolfi is an entertainment journalist based in Brooklyn, New York. He's analyzed awards season, written film reviews, covered news, and interviewed celebrities for features and articles that have appeared in Entertainment Weekly, TIME, People, Yahoo News, Fortune, The Seattle Times, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Curve Magazine, Awards Daily, AFROPUNK, East End Fashion Magazine, and Serving Cinema, an Oscar blog he founded in 2014.

Joey also hosts his own podcast, The Serving Cinema Sessions, and has interviewed a number of actors, filmmakers, and musicians, including Tyra Banks, Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Laura Dern, Meg Ryan, Claire Danes, Joan Allen, RuPaul, Rita Ora, Juliette Lewis, John Cena, Regina Spektor, Zara Larsson, Piper Laurie, The Veronicas, Dan Stevens, Johnny Galecki, and Alaska Thunderfuck 5000.



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